Ys Origin LE & CE Coming to Nintendo Switch and PlayStation 4

Strictly Limited Games announced this morning that Ys Origin, which first launched in Japan on PC in 2006, will be getting a limited and collectors edition release on the Nintendo Switch and PlayStation 4.

Ys Origin, originally developed and published by Nihon Falcom, takes place 700 years before the events of the first two games in the series Ys I and Ys II. The game’s console ports were released by DotEmu.

“A demon invasion threatens the land and the two goddesses of Ys vanished. The player sets off with a search party to follow the tracks of the goddesses. Fans of the series may expect to play as the well-known protagonist of the Ys Series, Adol Christin, but this time the player has the choice to start the journey as the apprentice knight Yunica Tovah or the sorcerer Hugo Fact,” developers said. “Ys Origin presents different playable characters with different skills. Yunica is the bright and optimistic girl focusing on physical strength, whilst Hugo is a calm, analytical young man with strong magic powers.”

The Collector’s Edition of the game, available exclusively through DotEmu and Clear River Games via the Strictly Limited Games store, will include a CE box, exclusive reversible cover art, Origin two-disc soundtrack, an acrylic stand diorama, Ys enamel pin, sticker sheet and a bonus acrylic card for $44.99. Limited Run Games said 1,500 units will release on the PlayStation 4 and 3,000 units on the Nintendo Switch respectively.

The Limited Edition of Ys Origin will release with an exclusive reversible cover and individual numbering for $29.99.

“Supporting our partners in creating these special boxed editions is a great accolade for Strictly Limited Games, as Ys Origin is an iconic, timeless RPG which has lots of history and is now being played, enjoyed and in demand for all generations of gamers. We helped make the best possible version at a very reasonable price to both delight and captivate Switch players”, Dennis Mendel, co-founder of Strictly Limited Games.