Zombie RTS, They Are Billions, Gets Console Release Dates

Next month, you’ll have to strategize to survive the zombie hordes when They Are Billions arrives on the Xbox One and PlayStation 4. 

Though it’s already available on PCs, the new RTS game, They Are Billions, is about to shuffle it’s way onto your home consoles. The game tasks you with defending your settlements from INSANELY large hordes of zombies. To do so, you’ll have to balance gathering resources with building defenses and armies to resist. Once they arrive, however, you’ll have to use quick thinking to route the zombies or risk being food….

The game is set to arrive on Xbox One on July 5th, with the PS4 version a few days later on July 9th (though you’ll be able to pre-order starting tomorrow). Best of all, it’s coming with Keyboard and Mouse support on the consoles, so you can play in whatever way is more comfy.

The BlitWorks team has been working hard to get They Are Billions ready for console fans. They are confidant that both Xbox One and PlayStation 4 players will love facing off against the undead via the game’s survival mode, being able to pause the game at any time to plan the best strategy, having the option to play with controller or keyboard & mouse and much, much more!

They Are Billions is the addictive RTS set on a post-apocalyptic world where players face an innumerable foe. Players must build colonies strong enough to withstand the billions of infected zombies that roam the world seeking to annihilate the last surviving humans.

To survive, players plan strategies, place buildings and manage resources to have any chance against the billions of zombies. A key factor in survival is the use and training of the player’s armies and contracting mercenaries. Using your forces and defenses wisely is the only way to survive against the billions of infected out to get you.

Will you be picking this up next month?