Back to the Future helps create best wedding proposal ever

Using elements from a film to propose is nothing new, whether it be a shared song, or a certain special scene, maybe even a reenactment or two.  But Corey Goldfeder has put all of those others to shame and has taken movie-themed proposals to an entirely new level.  Using footage from the film Back to the Future, Corey inserted himself into the film in order to have a conversation with “Doc” about marriage.  The result of which ultimately was the proposal itself.  This guy spent 15 hours with a digital camera, a makeshift green screen and a mere 30-day trial version of Pinnacle Studio to put all of this together.

And if that wasn’t enough, he managed to convince his unwitting girlfriend that their local theater was having a Michael J. Fox retrospective, and that they would be playing Back to the Future once more on the big screen.  Working in cahoots with the theater owners he had his altered scene play on the big screen instead of the actual film.  The girl said yes to the proposal (I mean after, all the work you almost have to right?), and Corey’s efforts paid off.

Skip to 1:56 to see the footage he created

This just goes to show how wondrous technology can be these days where even a trial software can get that green screen effect.  But really, I think the biggest story here isn’t the marriage proposal…it’s the fact he found a girl willing to go see Back to the Future in the theaters with him…