Before Watchmen: Comedian Issue #2 Comic Book Review


Before Watchmen: Comedian Issue #2 advances the background story of Edward Blake in the 1960s. We travel with the character to Vietnam where he gets involved in the war. He also discovers how the U.S. military is funding the conflict.

Writer Brian Azzarello continues to push the envelope with plot points and story catalysts that some might deem irreverent. It’s evident he’s not afraid of a little controversy and I applaud him for that. I also like the way he sets the Comedian’s life experiences against the backdrop of important events in history.

comedian 2-2

Artist J.G. Jones’ illustrations are still the closest to mirror the original work in Watchmen. His comic representations of historical figures are immediately recognizable and makes it fun to see them side-by-side with Edward Blake. He perfectly captures the tone writer Azzarello sets with his narrative.

Writer Len Wein and artist John Higgins’ The Curse of the Crimson Corsair continues with part eight of the story. Our castaway is taken on board the Flying Dutchman and seeks a way to get off of it. The mysterious captain of the vessel reveals that the only means of escape is to collect three items. No one has ever succeeded in doing so. Our journey into the supernatural continues in this suspenseful chapter.


Brian Azzarello and J.G. Jones prove the naysayers of the Before Watchmen event wrong again with issue #2 of Comedian. They show there are plenty of interesting stories behind Edward Blake to fill more than a few issues with satisfying material and wonderful artwork. If you haven’t given the Before Watchmen books a chance by now it’s time. Sooner or later your resistance is going to wear down and you’ll discover your opposition was in vain.