Before Watchmen: Dr. Manhattan Issue #1 Comic Book Review


Before Watchmen: Dr. Manhattan Issue #1 delivers insight into the character by inserting us inside his head. We see him as a child and an awkward college student obsessed with science. Can he change his future? What if he never stepped into the chamber which made him what he is? Is the world better or worse off because of him?

Writer J. Michael Straczynski explores all these different concepts in the first issue of the series. He wastes no time pulling the story into a completely different direction than what we were shown in the original Watchmen book. It’s a reality only Dr. Manhattan could show us with his bizarre powers to travel through time and space.

manhattan-4Artist Adam Hughes delivers quality work that visually captures the different times and places accurately. He puts to use both thick and thin lines to accent his illustrations. Hughes doesn’t shy away from putting the “big blue distraction” out there for all to see, either. That’s what I’ve dubbed Dr. Manhattan’s manhood since seeing the movie.

Len Wein is no longer writing The Curse of the Crimson Corsair back-up story. It continues to move in an interesting direction with Part Two of “The Evil That Men Do.” John Higgins is going solo now as writer and artist. He doesn’t miss a beat. The narrative is complex and the art fully realizes his vision in every panel.


Before Watchmen: Dr. Manhattan Issue #1 is another great start to a new series in the greatest comic event of the year so far. People waiting for the arrival of this specific title won’t be disappointed. The alternate reality writer J. Michael Straczynski looks to explore will make a unique read for fans of the original graphic novel.