Before Watchmen: Silk Spectre Issue #2 Comic Book Review


Author Darwyn Cooke continues what he started with issue #1 of Silk Spectre by digging deeper into the back story of Laurie Juspeczyk. He does a brilliant job of showing readers the complex life of the character as she balances daily life with her job moonlighting as a superhero. Cooke uses the culture of the 1960s to mold a story that reminds one of how Charles Manson and the Altamont Music Festival cast a dark shadow over the peace movement of the time. His talent for pushing the tale forward and keeping the pace steady reminds comic book lovers of why he’s a celebrated writer in the field.

Artist Amanda Conner continues to bring Cooke’s writing to life on the printed page. Her work isn’t of the hyper-realistic type. It has an animated vibe that reflects a classic comic book style. A couple of the panels are more provocative than one might expect from a female artist in the field. She also adds a psychedelic influence to her illustrating style. Conner successfully reflects the tone and words penned by Cooke.

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Len Wein and John Higgins take “The Curse of the Crimson Corsair” into the supernatural realm with part 7 of the backup story. The fun comes to an end just as soon as readers get hooked in. The supernatural direction it looks like we’re heading into should please lovers of ghost stories and pirate adventures alike. It’ll be interesting to see what DC does with the back story once it all unravels. Maybe “Watchmen” enthusiasts will get the entire saga published in one volume. It’s certainly worthy of that with its compelling story and brilliant artwork.

Before Watchmen: Silk Spectre Issue #2 continues to prove there is more to be told about the characters brought to life in the original graphic novel. If the present quality of these books continue, DC has a solid batch of titles that will fit nicely next to the original “Watchmen” on your shelves. Darwyn Cooke’s name will be a big part of the reason why they’ll be held in such high esteem.