Big Hero 6 Bandai Action Figure and Toy Reviews


What You Indeed Get

Bandai sent us two different toys. The first toy that got me excited was the Deluxe Flying Baymax. The figure is 11” tall so it seriously draws your attention right to it. The figure boasts 20 point articulation and has really great detail in movement. Along the back are wings that pop out and have a wingspan of 18 inches! The figure actually comes in two pieces, the second piece is a small 4.5 inch figure of Hiro which connects to Baymax’s back to “unlock even more sounds.” This action figure is available now for $39.99. 


The second toy they sent us is the Baymax Rocket Arm and Mask. This is similar to the costume toys you see elsewhere with superheros. The set comes with an arm that shields around your real arm, and inside is a grip to tightly handle it with your fist. Inside is also a trigger that launches the fist part, which is wrapped nicely in foam. The hard plastic mask is the Betamax face with a see through helmet front. This set is available now for $19.99.

Are These Toys Fun? 


The first thing I opened was the Betamax Action figure. It was so massive and attractive, and being a collector ripping out of it’s box absolutely killed me. For the sake of the review, I did. The good news? Well it is highly detailed and a lot better than other toys I personally own, or have seen on shelves. This isn’t a cheap little action figure, it actually looks good with great colors and great movement. Based on comparisons with other Disney toy lines, this is a step ahead of them all.

There are some great ideas implemented in it as well. Hiro is a separate action figure that has magnets in his hands. He can snap right into the back of the massive Baymax and doing so makes the entire figure unlock new sounds. The figure makes sounds by pressing a button on it’s belly area. Without Hiro connected the figure makes standard robot sounds. When he is connected you hear lines from the upcoming movie. Another awesome perk is that when Hiro is connected the entire figure will then make flying sounds. By moving the figure upwards it will make an ascending sound, and moving it downwards will make a descending sound. Keeping it level will keep a constant jet engine sound. It’s pretty neat and worked better than expected. All the sound are accompanied by the helmet lighting up, which is neat to watch.

The last feature of the figure is the fact his arm shoots off. You press a button and the fist will shoot off to destroy something. Not literally, it’s not a massive impact or shot, but enough to be fun. When initially messing with it I accidently pressed the button and it shot me in the face, didn’t hurt at all, but thanks for your worry!

The thing I found rather neat is that all the body parts move well, but the arms move more freely. The legs have more of a stiff click to them. I didn’t really understand it at first, but then I set him up to display. Besides being off balance a bit at first, once you get him to sit up it will stay put rather well. It also helps when making him fly around and you bump up against things, and the legs will stay put. 


Our next set of toys was the rocket fist. I was super excited to play with this because the kid in me always comes out when I get something that shoots. The toy doesn’t have a whole lot to explain. Your arm rests inside of it like a shield, and you grip a trigger. It all fits very comfortably, even as an adult, and the toy simply works. I didn’t expect anything more from it. The helmet is a helmet. It’s really nicely made, and even as an adult it fit well. It will fit kids perfectly. One thing I will note is that it wasn’t painful to wear. I’ll admit, I tried on the super hero ones at the store, and they hurt to wear as they had a lot of pressure around the eyes and head. This one I was messing around with it on for a good while and didn’t care. It has several pressure points to help fix that problem. 

The Downside, My Worry 


I have to point out the complaints while also talking positive. The action figure has a few flaws for being a kids toy. The first is that you will truly need to see the movie to make this figure awesome. I have no doubt once kids see the movie, they will go nuts over this figure. That being said the target age group is 4+, and you can imagine the slight problems here. A kid might connect Hiro, then leave the toy laying on the ground, at which point the sounds don’t stop. The good news is Hiro knocks right off. The bad news is you could lose Hiro and lose half the features with it.

One thing that confused me, and it could be because I haven’t seen the movie yet, is I don’t understand some of the details. The armor pieces are like flaps. I’m assuming these are for articulation sake, but they don’t naturally go back down when moving the toy around. They instead stay flapped outwards. I could see the flap getting snagged on something and snapping off. I’m not quite sure why it flips it out so far and doesn’t stay up against the figure. It’s small details like this that I’m sure I’ll understand after watching the movie, so really the toy rests on the movie being good. If it is, and I’m sure it will be, this toy is going to be awesome! I already have it sitting next to my other action figures and it’s awesome!

As for the Rocket Fist I do have one major complaint about it. The first thing I did with the toy is follow directions, I made a punching motion and launched the fist at my girlfriends butt when she was ignoring me on her computer. The first thing she said was “Ow that hurt” and it was a legitimate “that really hurt.” So I told her go ahead and do it back to me. She shot me in the stomach from a few feet away, and yes…. it actually hurt! Not extremely painful, but I can only imagine what will happen when a kid decides to launch this at someones face. Just like Nerf Guns, I would just stress the point to kids that they shouldn’t do that. Or simply don’t teach them the punching motion because it doesn’t hurt at all if you just shoot it normally.



These toys are neat. Compared to other figures on shelves they offer a little something extra, and they look way better detail wise. The 11 inch figure is a little pricey, but I think the size makes up for it. It’s simply a wow factor and kids will love to see it, especially as the holidays are coming. As an adult I’d gladly buy the figure, the Rocket Arm is neat and I could see my little brothers having a blast with it pretending to be Baymax. Again though, the entire fate rests in the movie doing well and gaining excitement for the toys. Once it gets that excitement, these toys will mean a lot more. As a toy collector I do have a growing respect for Bandai simply due to detail they put in their figures. They are simple toys, but the detail is what saves it for me.

Would I buy it :

Action Figure I’d buy it for 6-10 year olds, or as a toy collector IF they enjoyed the movie.

Rocket Arm I would buy for more around 4-8 year olds, the toy is smaller and more targeted for them. Older kids wouldn’t enjoy it being so small. This toy I have a little more leniency in because it’s so fun to play with.

The toys are on sale now at Amazon and will be more readily available when the movie launches November 7th, it is noted they should start hitting shelves next month if you don’t already see them. The toy line includes several different characters so I highly suggest checking them all out!