BREAKING NEWS – Disney buys DC Comics from Warner Brothers [Update]

[Editor’s Note: We hope you all had a great April Fool’s Day!  We’ll be back to reporting on regular (and factual news), but we thought we’d get in on the fun this year along with other sites!]

True to Disney, that is not the case. The sale of DC Comics to Disney has come to everyone’s surprise with the reported final price being somewhere in the range of 13 billion. To be fair, I’m not sure if that’s a good price or not.

“The deal stretches from the comics to movies,” said Disney representative Yensid Walters. “We have actually been developing a few projects in preparation for this announcement,” he stated.

Why would Warner sell such a major tent pole in their entertainment arsenal? Could this be linked to the rumored turmoil brewing over the production of Batman vs. Superman? Also, with so many DC-centric television shows going into production for next year as well as the genuine success of Arrow, this decision to sell seems very unusual.

“We are very interested in merging some of our franchises, and we have been looking very heavily at the Amalgam line of comics from the 90’s,” said Walters. “The first up to bat is the Adventures of Dark Claw. We can’t go into too much info right now, but we will be making a formal announcement very soon,” he said.


 It’s starting to look like Disney is starting a nerd-land grab for anything they can purchase. Reports are coming in each hour of new companies that have been added to the Mouse’s utility belt. Please stay glued to Cinelinx as we report on this spending spree for Disney.