Hasbro and Takara Release Official Image for Transformers Movie Masterpiece Ironhide

When I first saw images for the Movie Masterpiece Optimus Prime I was skeptical. Mainly because the first images were mistransformed and I didn’t think they could improve on the Revenge of the Fallen leader class Optimus. Well as I look at that beautiful piece as it sits on my desk here I was wrong. While it has issues it’s great. The next release of Bumblebee was also very good so with two good releases and one of Decepticon Barricade on the way it’s time for the sixth character from the movie universe to get a release and it’s the weapon’s specialist Ironhide!


 I thought Ironhide was one of the better movie designs to be truthful and the huge cannons on his arms were just cool to look at. His alt mode of a GMC Topkick a massive truck was a fitting for this bruiser as well. Now looking at the image Hasbro provided and the onscreen model there are some inconsistencies. But I will defend this as the movie designs are full of detail Ironhide guns from the movie had about 10,000 CGI parts each so there are liberties I’ll allow them to take. The figure is expected to have diecast, articutaled hands, movable faceplate, and of course those huge cannons.


Look for a review of this guy once he’s in my hands. Release date is set for the Fall of 2018 with no price point set yet. Now Hasbro, I’m gonna need a good Ratchet now.

-Jason The X