Jason The X’s SDCC Exclusives List

Here we are right around the corner from SDCC 2017 and I can’t wait. Besides all the costumes, panels, and events going on my favorite part are the exclusives. So elusive and sought after some exclusives can be acquired after the con but most continue to be hard to come by and fetch hefty after market prices. But once you’ve stood in those lines and payed for that item that’s now in your hand you just feel victory. So since I’m going my objectives are already lined up so here’s a list of the items I’m looking at snatching up this year and just some of the best other booths have. It’s not comprehensive guys, that would be one long list.


X-34 Landspeeder with Tatooine Luke Skywalker


My personal favorite booth to visit is the Hasbro booth and my main item to acquire is the Star Wars The Black Series Landspeeder with Luke figure. I wrote an article about this and the Rey Speeder a few months ago as they were going to be coming out on Force Friday. But this one will have a premium paint job. Now this item is going for 89.99. The regular release will only be 59.99. Under normal circumstances this could be a pass but the appeal of getting it early makes it appealing.

Grand Admiral Thrawn


This is the first time Grand Admiral Thrawn has been offered in the Black Series line and with audiences being introduced to this character in Star Wars Rebels you can believe he’ll be sought after. The main appeal  of this figure will be the multiple accessories offered with it to replicate the office of the Admiral.

Marvel  Legends Battle for Asgard 5 – Pack


Okay these packs can be hard to come by. However these are all first time offerings. I am all for the Jane Foster as Thor and Unworthy Thor the other three are unique and new characters but with the appeal of build a figure packs you may not want doubles of some of these. Great packaging and figures though. Retailing for 99.99 these are pretty much what you would pay for five of these at retail.

Now there are two Optimus Prime offerings this year in the form of a Voyager Class Optimus from the new Transformers The Last Knight movie. The figure has a new paint job but will also come with a piece of tire from the actual truck used in the movie. You’re looking at 49.99 for this one.


Secondly is the new Titans Return Leader Class Optimus Prime with a black and gold paint job from Primitive Skate. Also coming in at 49.99 this will come with a little skateboard for your Titan master and a rail for him to grind on.


Let’s head over to Bandai where we’ll see the first figure coming from the new Dragon Stars Dragon Ball figures. A Super Saiyan Goku figure standing at 6.5 inches. Coming in at around 35 dollars this item will have articulation on par with the newest Power Rangers figures offered recently.


If you haven’t gotten a Legacy Communicator yet you can get one for 100 bucks and it’s the Gold ranger’s from Power Ranger Zeo. This thing looks good in a nice silver, gold, and black paint job.


And if you have wanted the movie Legacy Megazord figure you can get it for 40 buckslooks to have a custom paint job as well.


Lastly, confession time. I don’t have a scouter. I have seen them and had ample opportunity to collect one of these and at 25 dollars I think it’s about time I added this one to my collection.


Toys R Us

This is the one that makes me absolutely furious. Now I have a perfectly good Voltron 5 lion combining toy from the recent Netflix series. I love it, it’s great, and it does everything I need. EXCEPT!! That booth will be offering those same items but, in diecast. This is where I start to realize I have problems people. I don’t need this, but I really want this. We’ll see what comes from this.


Now they’ll also have an exclusive Star Wars Black series Commander Gree. Having never gotten one of these particular troopers I may get one of these.


So I have a Masterpiece series Optimus Prime but this one has a custom paint job on a really great figure that collectors still clamor for. If you don’t have this guy and still need one maybe treat yourself to this version.


Lastly on my list is this six figure Marvel Legend pack all new figures consisting of She-Hulk, Lady Sif, Lady Loki, Singularity, Elsa Bloodstone, and Monica Rambeau/ whatever name she’s going by now.





Okay I’m not even going to go into Funko Pops. One because I don’t like them, secondly there seem to be hundreds of these being offered throughout this con. But Funko does have an exclusive Rick and Morty Portal gun and that thing, I do need. At 24.99 I think this needs to home with me, wubba lubba dub dub indeed.