LEGO Reveals New Sets Based on Harry Potter, Star Wars, and More!

LEGO has been killing it over the last several years with their licensed tie-in products, and they only seem to get better and better. Fans have plenty to look forward to this year, as LEGO has revealed details on some upcoming sets that fans will certainly want to track down. While LEGO in general has announced a BUNCH of new products (including the return of the Architech line, new roller coaster, City Builders, and Duplo lines), since we cater mostly to movie/game fans, we’re going to focus on the pop culture announcements you’ll be most interested in:

Building upon announcements made earlier this year at American International Toy Fair, LEGO Systems, Inc. today unveils more than 100 additional new LEGO® building sets that will top the holiday wish lists of children of all ages. In a related announcement, the company also released further details regarding its portfolio of connected toys that merge digital and physical play.

“We continue our year-long celebration of the 60th anniversary of the LEGO brick with a portfolio that reflects the timeless versatility of LEGO play. From classic, instruction-free building sets to life-like recreations of real-world vehicles, we aim to inspire more children to become builders while surprising and delighting the millions who already are building,” said Michael McNally, senior director of brand relations, LEGO Systems, Inc. “As we gear up for the 2018 holiday season, we’ve added more opportunities for creative building and we are excited to reveal new sets based on beloved characters from both the small and large screens.”

Aside from the sheer amount of new sets launching this year, so many are themed towards the franchises you care about most. For instance, take a gander at some of the new Harry Potter (and Fantastic Beasts) sets coming up which include the Quidditch Match, Hogwarts Whomping Willow, Hogwarts Express, and the previously announced Hogwarts Great Hall. Best of all the Whomping Willow and Great Hall sets can be combined into a singular awesome playset:

{gallery}LEGO Harry Potter{/gallery} 

While the LEGO Ninjago Movie was pretty fun, the sets based around the movie have been stellar. The line continues this year with several new sets, three of which come in at well over 1000 pieces (including Destiny’s Wing, Throne Room Showdown, Firstbourne, Dieselnaut, Dragon Pit, and the Ninjago City Docks). They’re gonna be huge and perfect for collectors, or kids who love to play:

{gallery}LEGO Ninjago 2018{/gallery} 

Of course, I can’t round this our without mentioning the new Star Wars stuff coming our way. While we’re currently able to enjoy the sets based off of Solo: A Star Wars Story, the company has a bunch of new sets (pulling from all the other films) launching this year to get excited about. From new spaceships (an Imperial shuttle and Jedi Starfighter), to scene recreations from the movies (like Luke’s recovery on Hoth and the incredible Throne Room scene in The Last Jedi), there’s something for every fan to look forward to:

{gallery}LEGO Star Wars 2018{/gallery}

There’s so many more LEGO sets coming, including more official Minecraft sets, and some new ones based on the Powerpuff Girls

21146 Prod 41287 Prod

Which LEGOs are you looking forward to picking up later on this year the most? 


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