Marvel Legends Vehicles Line to Debut This Spring

Hasbro is really bringing it with the six inch scale of figure. Whether it be in the Star Wars The Black Series or Marvel Legends giving us vehicles and playsets really adds to a figure and helps it stand out. Let’s go back to when Toy Biz had the license they released a Marvel Legends series called Legendary Riders. The gimmick was the figures all had vehicles that came with them. Like the Vengence Ghost Rider had his hell cycle, or Wolverine had his motorcycle, or Taskmaster had his hover bike. The line was very cool and the vehicles are highly sought after. Fast forward to the now Hasbro Marvel Legends is bringing it back. We are getting new comic Black Widow and Ghost Rider with some sweet looking motorcycles. 

Black Widow has a more street style but that has a black and red design that says that our resident super spy. Also the figure gives a comic Black Widow update with interchangeable heads as well.


Next up is the Johnny Blaze version of Ghost Rider and he’s got his flamed out Hellcycle. And yes I know we just recently got a new Ghost Rider figure and I’m pretty sure that’s the same one with a new paint job and new head but he’s also got that flaming chain so the accessories with this new figure make it a must have.




Look for these in the spring. I don’t have the price these will be but let’s hope they price these a bit better than the vehicles recently released in the Star Wars The Black Series line.


-Jason The X