New Hope Luke and Landspeeder coming this Fall

Oh Hasbro you do spoil me, actually you don’t because I spend my hard earned scratch on this stuff.  Hot on the plastic heels of Rey and her speeder (announced just yesterday) we get another vehicle announcement. Luke and his X-34 Landspeeder get the plastic treatment for the Star Wars Black Series line. Seriously Hasbro I can see you have a thing for hovering desert speeders and you know what, I do too.

Luke’s crappy X-34 made by the SoroSuub Corporation which was dated at the time of A New Hope due to the mass release of the more dependable and sleeker XP-38 with its enclosed cockpit and sleeker turbines may not fetch a quick sale price in Mos Eisley but I must say it’s perfectly represented here. 


It’s using a clear stand for the hover effect much like Rey’s to achieve the hover effect and the paint details are on spot. The other thing is a brand new Luke from new hope with more windswept hair accessories including his rifle, floppy hat and goggles. So 60 bucks will land you this when it releases this fall. Hasbro, send me two and bill my editor.