Ninjak vs. The Valiant Universe Teaser Trailer

Now Valiant comics was founded in 1989 by creator Jim Shooter. Through out the years they’ve produced such comics as Archer and Armstrong, XO Manowar, Bloodshot, Magnus Robot Fighter, Solar, Turok, this list goes on and on and it’s full of great story telling. Well now they have teamed with one of my favorite creators Bat in the Sun who produce the very popular Super Power Beatdown series to bring you Ninjak vs. The Valiant Universe.

So the series stars some of my favorites. That’s Michael Rowe playing Ninjak who you  should remember as Deadshot from Arrow. Also the duo of Archer and Armstrong are in there and I see one of my favorite actor Kevin Porter taking on the role of the thousands of years old Armstrong. By the way that’s one of the best book I ever read. And taking on the role of the fast healing assassin Bloodshot is none other than longest Power Rangers Jason David Frank. The series is being directed by Aaron and Sean Schoenke who I feel are perfect for introducing people to this universe. Look for this brand digital new series on the Bat in the Sun Youtube Channel debuting in late 2017.

-Jason The X