Playing With My Toys: McFarlane’s Dune Figures

In our latest Playing With My Toys video, we open up two of the Dune toys based on the upcoming film adaptation.

I’m back for a new ‘Playing With My Toys’ video and this time we’re taking a look at a pair of new McFarlane​ figures based on the upcoming Dune​ movie! While these launched last year and were supposed to coincide with the film’s original release date, these stunning figures are definitely worth picking up.

Somehow, in all my years of collecting, I haven’t ever picked up a McFarlane figure. After getting my hands on these awesome Dune collectibles, however, I’m going to have to seek out some more of them.

You can find the Dune movie​ figures in just about all major stores, or find them via the Amazon (affiliate) link here.​