Star Wars The Black Series Brings Rey’s Speeder to Plastic Life

Sometimes my editor sends me stories that just make me yell at a computer screen, but in a good way. Ladies and gents and plastic addicts of all genres appreciate this fine addition to the Star Wars Black Series line. We’ve had offerings of vehicles and larger scaled items like Tauntauns, Wampas, Speeder Bikes and the ginormous scaled TIE Fighter from The Force Awakens but now we get something in that smaller scale with the announcement of Rey’s Speeder from Star Wars The Force Awakens. 


Check out the flying toaster man. It looks dang good. It could use a bit little bit more weathering and I was ready to write it off as an upsized version of the smaller scale figure one that was released but it has lots more detail. Opening panels, nice effect stand to keep it off the ground, cloth netting on the side and some junk for Rey to go trade in for portions.

This thing has it going on but to add to all that we’re getting a newer version of our scrapyard rat Rey who Hasbro says is a 100% new figure but us keen eyed collectors can see some reused parts with the addition of the cloth goods, a new head mold, and a pack for Rey. 


I’ve gushed long enough about this item but I do question the $60 dollar price tag when previous ones have retailed for about 40 – 45 dollars. Price point may play a factor in this not being a shelf warmer in the stores. Seriously Hasbro, those Tie Fighters didn’t start moving till they got marked down. Look for this to be released this fall with the first wave of Star Wars: The Last Jedi toys but probably on display at the summer conventions.


-Jason The X

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