Toy Review Tuesday: iZombie Figure and the Deluxe Ninja Megazord

So first off is this figure of actress Rose McIver from the hit CW show iZombie. I was surprised to find this figure from Diamond Select for only fourteen bucks in my local Toys R Us. The paint is pretty good on the one I picked up but I would encourage you to look closely at them for any imperfections. Overall this is a nice piece and maybe more niche if you’re a fan of the show. And I am.

Okay next up is another zord in my attempt to get all the zords from my the old Power Ranger and Super Sentai series. And this is the Ninja Falcon Megazord form Mighty Morphin Power Rangers or the Daishogun from Kakuranger. Yeah that’s right I went all Super Sentai on you. I hope to be bringing you guys more of these as I add them to my collection. 

-Jason The X