Comic Book Review: Batman: Joker’s Daughter

The girl in Batman: Joker’s Daughter is even more tragic. She was an upper-middle class teenager who obviously was neglected by her parents, created her own ever-changing backstory, and took on a persona that would get her the attention she craves. She just wants to be somebody… even if it’s a villain. Unfortunately, I believe there are probably many kids out there that can identify with the character in this book.

Writer Marguerite Bennett penned Batman: Joker’s Daughter. She captures the loneliness and isolationism of the misguided teenager perfectly. She blends action, drama, and tension all together seamlessly. Bennett fleshes out all the characters wonderfully as well.

Artist Meghan Hetrick brings Batman: Joker’s Daughter to life in pictures. Her style is an interesting blend of Jim Lee’s precision and Moritat’s thick-lined work. Colorist Michelle Madsen adds the final touch through the use of vibrant colors.

Batman: Joker’s Daughter is rated “T” for Teen. There’s some violence and mild gore to begin with. My biggest complaint is that instead of going some other route with her costume, they put her in a typical skimpy outfit comprised of an overcoat with a torn t-shirt underneath that barely covers her breasts. She also has a short poufy skirt over black leggings that are torn. The ensemble is topped off by a pair of tall boots.

I have to admit, I wasn’t too impressed with the Batman: Joker’s Daughter one-shot as I read the first several pages. It wasn’t until about half-way through that it clicked. This wasn’t your typical “damaged teen striking out” cautionary tale we always get from afternoon specials and Lifetime movies. It’s an exploration of the problem children and teens we experience in our overly busy technology obsessed world we live in today. We’re taking a look at kids starving for our attention and reacting when they don’t get it where they should be.

Batman: Joker’s Daughter is available now in print.