Comic Book Review: Damian: Son of Batman Issue #1

It’s not like Damian: Son of Batman Issue #1 comes unexpected from a company who is known for rebooting, re-creating, and giving fans alternate looks into the worlds of their many super heroes. The moment the Dark Knight’s offspring was killed, I think we all knew he would show up again somehow. Damian Wayne was much too interesting to just let him perish so quickly without exploring him further.

Damian: Son of Batman Issue #1 transports readers into an “Elseworlds” future. We’re not told exactly when the story takes place. We just know he’s at least 20 to 25 years old and continues to battle against the evils of Gotham City with his father. The Joker is still up to his old antics, and Damian soon finds himself plowing through the gallery of Dark Knight super-villains, eliminating them one by one as he seeks out the deadly Clown Prince of Crime.

Writer Andy Kubert lets readers know from the get-go they need to get buckled in for some action and tension with issue #1 of Damian: Son of Batman. Some might find it hard to invest in a story that doesn’t really take place within the true continuity of the Caped Crusader’s Universe. However, if you let yourself roll with it and just take the book for what it is, you’ll find it highly enjoyable.

The art for Damian: Son of Batman Issue #1 is tackled by Andy Kubert as well. I’m always in awe of any artist who can handle both the illustrating and scripting for a monthly title. He does a great job giving the issue a classic comic book feel while mixing it with a current style that can stand up next to Jim Lee and David Finch’s works.

I always think of comic books as movies on paper. With that in mind, I would give Damian: Son of Batman Issue #1 a PG-13 rating. There are some adult situations, language, and violence to be found. It’s nothing you didn’t see in any of The Dark Knight films, though.

Being a huge fan of anything featuring the al Ghul family, I found it hard to not find a reason to love the broken family dynamics and intrigue in Damian: Son of Batman Issue #1. What’s not to love when you’re exploring the love child of Talia al Ghul and the Dark Knight? The combination of the teachings and trainings of both the League of Assassins and Batman could only ignite a tale of family issues, morality, honor, and betrayal. I know I’ll be continuing to invest my time in this four part mini-series.

Damian: Son of Batman Issue #1 is available now in print and digital versions.