Comic Book Review: Justice League 3000 Issue #1

Justice League 3000 Issue #1 takes us into the distant future where the galaxy and, more specifically, Earth lies in the aftermath of some cataclysmic disaster. A duo called the Wonder Twins has been sanctioned by Cadmus to re-create a new Justice League from the DNA they’ve kept throughout the decades. Contemporary, yet flawed, versions of Batman, Superman, Wonder Woman, the Flash, and Green Lantern are generated to do battle against a technological enemy calling itself the Converts.

Writer Keith Giffen put together the basis of the storyline for Justice League 3000 Issue #1 while J.M. DeMatteis contributed the dialogue. They do a great job of setting up the plot and taking it in a direction readers will want to follow. The setup is quick and we’re thrown into the action at a fever pace. They do a great job introducing each super hero and giving you enough background on them to let you know these are the same characters we know but different as well.

Artist Howard Porter adds a personal touch to his illustrations. He definitely doesn’t lean on any other artists as far as influence is concerned. His style left me with mixed feelings. It’s somewhat unique, but his body texturing grated on my nerves a bit. I just pushed past it and enjoyed Justice League 3000 Issue #1 for what it is.

The rating for Justice League 3000 Issue #1 is T for Teen. It has the usual amount of sci-fi and action violence. Most of the female characters wear some type of either skimpy or tight clothing of course. There’s some mild language as well.

Justice League 3000 Issue #1 does a bang-up job of setting up a new series for lovers of DC super heroes and science fiction. If you enjoy the Legion of Super Heroes, Batman Beyond, and Justice League Beyond books, then you’ll enjoy this. It’s an encouraging start that beckons readers to pick up the next issue.

Justice League 3000 Issue #1 is available now in comic book and Kindle editions.