Comic Book Review: Superman Doomed Issue #1

A larger and more powerful Doomsday is transporting himself all over the world destroying everything in his path. As he pops up in different locations, he leaves a trail of burned bodies and fiery desolation. Superman must track the evil beast down and stop his reign of terror. However, Doomsday isn’t performing random acts of mayhem and murder. He has a bigger plan that could culminate in the second death of Superman.

Writers Scott Lobdell, Greg Pak, and Charles Soule guarantee readers will want to come back for more through establishing a frantic pace and building up tension that will keep readers turning pages. The concept of a Doomsday growing even more powerful and bigger than he was before is frightening, considering he’s already killed the strongest super hero on the planet. Superman: Doomed Issue #1 will have your heart racing as you ponder what’s coming in the next chapter of the energetic saga.

The art for Superman: Doomed Issue #1 is both unique and familiar thanks to the handiwork of Ken Lashley. His penciling features strong lines and intricate panels full of explosive action. Phenomenal spreads are found in this book that will leave readers speechless.

Superman: Doomed Issue #1 is rated T for Teens. It contains comic book violence and carnage. There’s nothing out of the ordinary to be found. A few burned bodies are shown that might disturb some readers.

If you love the sinister character, Superman: Doomed Issue #1 will have you hyperventilating in anticipation of the next chapter of the tale. Writers Scott Lobdell, Greg Pak, and Charles Soule really delivered a captivating story that makes Doomsday an even bigger threat to the world and the Man of Steel. It’s the introduction to what could become one of the unforgettable comic book events of the decade.

Superman: Doomed Issue #1 is available now in print and Kindle editions.