Comic Book Review: World’s Finest Annual #1

Before they were marooned in our world, Power Girl and the Huntress battled super-villains on Earth 2. They find themselves crossing paths with Wonder Woman’s daughter, Fury. It becomes evident blood is thicker than water when the Amazonian Princess shows up to defend her evil offspring, no matter what she’s done or has planned.

Writer Paul Levitz continues to tackle the characters of Power Girl and the Huntress in World’s Finest Annual #1. Being the creator of the Huntress gives him an advantage other scribes wouldn’t have penning this series. He’s been penning Power Girl long enough now to know how she would react in any situation. Levitz packs their adventures in this issue with enough drama and action to keep readers flipping the pages.

Artists Diogenes Neves and Marc Deering make the most of their opportunities to work with these characters in their alternate identities and costumes in World’s Finest Annual #1. They do a great job visually bringing to life Supergirl and Robin as they come face-to-face with Earth 2’s Wonder Woman and Fury.

World’s Finest Annual #1 gives readers an engaging bird’s eye view of the crime-fighting duo of Power Girl and the Huntress before they were trapped in the “real” DC Universe. If readers can stop gawking at Power Girl’s chest long enough, they’ll find a riveting tale full of excitement and tension. I can’t imagine people picking this up and not wanting to give the monthly series a chance.

World’s Finest Annual #1 is available now in print.