Dallas Comic Con’s Fan Days 2014 Event Report

The biggest draws of the week came from the media guests. After folks got over the disappointment of several canceled appearances, there still found plenty to do. A mini-Goonies reunion occurred with Corey Feldman and Ke Huy Quan sitting mere feet from each other. Sean Astin was in attendance as well, completing not only that partial reunion, but a Lord of the Rings one with fellow guest Elijah Wood.

Having met Corey Feldman years before at Texas Fearfest, I wanted to catch up with the busy former Lost Boy and Goonie. His new movie The M Word is about to come out on DVD for one. He will also be embarking on a tour to promote his band Truth Movement’s new album.

I told Feldman my son thought the next Friday the 13th movie should star him in the role of Tommy Jarvis battling Jason Voorhees. He was very keen on the idea and stated there was only one problem. The folks at Platinum Dune won’t pull their heads out of their butts and make a movie fans actually want to see versus what the production company THINKS they want to see. Online petition anyone?

Former child actor Ke Huy Quan spent much of the 1980s not only standing alongside fellow Goonies Sean Astin, Josh Brolin, and Feldman, but also Harrison Ford in Indiana Jones and the Temple of Doom. Quan portrayed the spunky Short Round, who assisted the archaeologist / adventurer on one of his greatest adventures.

I found him to be a very humble individual who is grateful for his time in the spotlight. He’s also emotionally affected by the impact the movies he was in had on the fans he greeted. Quan’s only done one other convention besides Fan Days. He’s presently working on a script for an action movie. It will no doubt feature martial arts, with his background as a stunt choreographer for X-Men, The One, and other such films.

I was supposed to interview Caity Lotz for her recent role in the supernatural thriller The Pact 2, but it never happened. I’m also a big fan of Arrow, in which she portrays Canary. I was excited to get a chance to talk to the actor when she was announced for Fan Days. She couldn’t really share her opinion on The Pact 2, since she hadn’t seen it yet. However, she seemed intent on viewing it as soon as possible.

Lotz said her experience on Arrow was a fun one. I voiced my doubt that we had seen the last of Canary. After all, she is (or was) a member of the League of Assassins and Ra’s al Ghul is known for resurrecting himself and his minions using the Lazarus Pit. Is anyone ever really dead on a comic book based TV show? She neither confirmed or denied my sentiments and merely shrugged them off.

I met Elijah Wood briefly and found him to be a sincere and warm gentleman. I shook his hand and told him thanks for the years of great entertainment and the many more to come. He was very cordial and appreciative.

It’s very obvious that Harry Potter fever hasn’t been extinguished. The Weasley Twins, James and Oliver Phelps, caused a traffic jam at the double doors leading to the escalators after their question and answer panel. I thought I was at Hogwarts, what with all the fans dressed in school uniforms baring their wands.

The only legend of the comic book industry I met was Simon Bisley. He was kind enough to autograph my copy of the Batman / Judge Dredd collection. It was nice to interact with such a talented individual if only for a second. He was working on a convention commission when I approached him.

Although there seemed to be fewer vendors in the Exhibition Hall, you still had plenty of collectibles, toys, and comic books to dig through. Artists filled the aisles offering people printed pieces of their work as well as custom ones drawn on the spot. Other booths featured licensed and hard-to-find t-shirts containing characters and slogans from iconic movies and shows like Firefly, Star Wars, Star Trek, Battlestar Galactica, Guardians of the Galaxy, and any others you can possibly think of.

Dallas Comic-Con’s Fan Days 2014 gave off a sense of relaxed chaos. While the aisles were still crowded with costumed attendees, it wasn’t as crowded as past shows. The whole atmosphere of the experience was more laid back and manageable. It’s no doubt the calm before the May Comic-Con storm that is coming to the Dallas Convention Center.

You can see pictures from Dallas Comic-Con’s Fan Days 2014 right here.  

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