Nerd Approved: DC Comics Releases Telling #0 Issues

BM Cv0 dsEach one is unique in its own way. Different characters and super heroes which somehow all intertwine with one another to make up the vast world we know as the DC Universe. It would take me three weeks just to review them all. Alas, I am only one man so I’m reduced to taking the easy way out. To sum up DC Comics’ #0 issues in a simple phrase: they’re all wonderful.

They serve as prologues and intriguing backstories for some of the most iconic super heroes we’ve grown up with. There are tie-ins to new events like Green Lantern’s “Rise of the Third Army.” Earth 2 gives us insight into the alternate universe where a world suffers without a Batman, Wonder Woman, or Superman. Batwing and Talon offer glimpses into the psyches of two of the Dark Knight’s allies. That’s not even getting into the comics delving into the complex worlds of Superman, Aquaman, and the rest.

JUSTL Cv0 dsI’m sure there are many people out there who will pick up every #0 issue made available. That’s great for fanatical collectors and DC fans. However, don’t write off the #0’s as a promotional gimmick that strays from the canon of your favorite monthly titles.

These are all written and illustrated by the top talent in the comic book industry. Scott Snyder, Grant Morrison, James Robinson, Geoff Johns, and Judd Winick are just a few of the scribes who worked on them. Great art is provided by Tony S. Daniel, Guillem March, J. H. Williams III, Tony Bedard, Kyle Higgins, and many more.

SM Cv0 ds 1If you’re a fan of Batman, Swamp Thing, Justice League, Birds of Prey, Flash, or any of the other characters, this is recommended reading. They augment the stories we’re addicted to following month to month. You really don’t have the complete adventures without the #0 of your favorite DC super hero’s title.