Dedicated fan builds his own Batmobile Tumbler

Late last week we showed you an awesome bit of fan work in this full scale Ninja Turtles van.  From a nostalgia point of view (especially if you grew up with the show as many of us did) it’s insanely cool.  However, it’s hard to be the sheer awesomeness of having your very own Batmobile.  It’s not just any Batmobile either, it’s from the most recent Batman films; the Tumbler.  While the older Batmobile cars are amazing in their own ways, the Tumbler just looks tough.  It’s a mean looking machine that seems to fit the caped crusader aptly.


Fan Batmobile Tumbler


However, this bad boy isn’t sitting down in the Bat-Cave.  This one was created by Michigan movie-prop artist Bob Dullam, and built entirely from scratch.  This isn’t just some regular car with a few mods thrown on the outside.  Everything was built from the ground up, and it’s taken him 5 years to get where he is.


With no prior car building experience and only still shots and DVDs to work from, saying that this is impressive is almost an understatement.  After facing a number of issues, the car is now in full working order (imagine having your Dad drop you off at school in this), though it’s still not entirely complete.  The interior isn’t finished yet, and he plans on adding parallel steering so the vehicle can be driven from the nose-cone…just like in the films.  According to him:


It’s not there yet…It may never be there unless I decide I’m tired of the whole thing. It’s an ongoing experiment…I want to build a brand name for myself, and to do that, I think you have to rise above and beyond the pack.


Fan Batmobile Tumbler


No doubt he’s definitely stepped up the bar for prop replicas, and I’m sure after this his business will be sure to boom.  Personally I would love to see him tackle the Batpod next, but let’s not get ahead of ourselves.  It’s cool, it’s awesome, and it’s something I wish I had.   Be sure to check out the vehicle specs courtesy of GizMag.


* Engine: 350 V8 with four-barrel carburetor
* Transmission: 3-speed turbo
* Top speed: 150mph (241km/h)
* Body panels: Epoxy resin reinforced with fiberglass mat
* Tires: 44-inch Super Swampers (rear)
* Steering: Rack and pinion power steering via detachable aviator style pistol-grip steering device
* Weight: Approximately two tons (1.8 metric tons)
* Dimensions: 15’L x 9’W x 5.5’H (4.5 x 8 x 1.7 meters)
* Visibility: Round-vehicle video cameras
* Production cost: Approximately US$50,000 to $100,000


Fan Batmobile Tumbler