Everything Is Canon: Disney Doubleheader

In this episode of Everything is Canon, it’s a Disney Doubleheader as Steve celebrates the release of two books, the latest in the Disney Chills series, Second Star to the Fright by Jennifer Brody aka Vera Strange, and the first book in a brand-new series, Disney: City of Villains written by Estelle Laure.

These books are following the recent and very welcome trend of revising, re-examining, and re-imagining Disney classic stories and characters, in these cases, some of the most famous Disney Villains of all time. Villains like Ursula, Captain Hook, Maleficent, and Dr. Facilier all get contemporary makeovers in smart and clever ways, but still never losing sight of their rotten demeanors.


If you’d like more information about the Youth Writer’s Program that Estelle is the curator of, a program that provides, “…a creative, stimulating, and nurturing environment to encourage young writers, ages twelve to eighteen, to express themselves through spoken and written words.” click HERE.

To order Disney: City of Villains click HERE!

To order Disney Chills: Second Star to the Fright click HERE!

Everything is Canon
Everything Is Canon: Disney Doubleheader
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