Everything Is Canon: Generation Misfits

On this episode of Everything is Canon, Steve is talking to Akemi Dawn Bowman all about her excellent debut middle grade book, Generation Misfits, which is described as “A heartwarming, fish-out-of-water own voices story about an eleven-year-old Japanese-American girl who finds her true friends—through the power of J-Pop!

Here’s the summary…

Millie is attending a real school for the first time and dreams of finally having friends and a little bit of freedom. So when she joins an imitation band of her favorite J-Pop group, she’s thrilled to meet a group of misfits who quickly become like family.

But Millie realizes that one of them is dealing with problems bigger than what notes to hit when it comes time for their performance. Can Millie help her friend, even when their problem feels too big to say out loud?

This true-to-life story is about the power of found family, friendship, and music and how you never quite forget those friends you had in high school. But more than just good times, Generation Misfits deals with all sorts of important issues that these friends will realize that somethings are better faced together than alone. Whether your homeschooled like Millie, popular like Luna, passionate like Zuki, courageous like Ashley, or shy like Rainbow, this book has just about something for everyone.

We talk about the launch of Infinity Courts, some sensitive publishing hot topics, Generation Misfits of course, and much, much more.

Generation Misfits is out now so click HERE to order a copy today!

About the Author: 

Akemi Dawn Bowman is a critically-acclaimed author who writes across genres. Her novels have received multiple accolades and award nominations, and her debut novel, Starfish, was a William C. Morris Award Finalist. She has a BA in social sciences from the University of Nevada, Las Vegas, and currently lives in Scotland with her husband and two children. She overthinks everything, including this bio.

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Everything Is Canon: Generation Misfits
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