Everything Is Canon: What To Watch When

On this episode of Everything is Canon, Steve talks with Christian Blauvelt, IndieWire editor, friend, and long time Star Wars author for DK Books!

He’s part of a small super team of authors who have combined their talents for this great new coffee table reference book, What to Watch When: 1,000 TV Shows for Every Mood and Moment.

Here’s the summary…

Looking for a box set to get your adrenaline racing or to escape to a different era? In need of a good laugh to lift your spirits? Hunting for a TV show that the whole family can watch together?

If you’re feeling indecisive about your next binge-watching session, we’ve done the hard work for you. Featuring 1,000 carefully curated reviews written by a panel of TV connoisseurs, What To Watch When offers up the best show suggestions for every mood and moment.

The title of this book says it all, and they go through it discussing many of their own favorite TV shows over the years. Plus, as someone who covers the entertainment industry, Steve and Christian discuss a great many things including the affect the pandemic is having on the industry as a whole.

Pick up a copy of What to Watch When: 1,000 TV Shows For Every Mood and Moment today by clicking HERE!

Everything is Canon
Everything is Canon
Everything Is Canon: What To Watch When
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