Fan made ‘Expendables’ trailer questions your manhood

I’ve been sold on the idea for The Expendables since Stallone announced Dolph Lundgrin would be in it.  Being a filmmaker I love watching the films that make you think as well as those incredbily ‘artsy’ films.  Sometimes, though, you just need to see shit blow-up. 

That’s exactly what this movie promises.  And with a vertiable cornicopia of the world’s best and greatest action stars.  This new trailer challenges all men to make sure that girly movies don’t push this out of the box office. 

It’s a hilarious trailer, and really will get the testosterone flowing (it practically oozes from the computer monitor).  There does seem to be some confusion about where this trailer originates.  Some sites are claiming that it’s fan made, while others are saying it was released by Lionsgate.  Here at TMP we’re of the mentality that this is fan made, but if Lionsgate did produce this, I’m glad to see a studio have the balls enough to put this out there.


The pacing of the text feels a little rushed and the ending isn’t something a studio would really put in a trailer, so I’m still going to say this is fan created, but still incredibly well done.