Four ‘Jackass 3D’ posters revel in ‘Jackass’ memories


Jackass 3D new poster releases live up to the legendary Jackass boys in some of the most insane and dangerous stunts known to man.

These posters confirm that anyone will do anything if the price is right. Take Johnny Knoxville as example as he is getting gored by what appears to be a bison (pictured above). It looks like Johnny has taken control over the playing-card designs as I look at these images. It truly makes you wonder how crazy you would have to be to want to torture yourself to this extreme. It must be an unexplained adrenaline rush or they just need help. No matter the opinions of others, they found a way to bank on it. Good for them because I don’t know any other normal human being who would want to constantly be assaulted in the groin region.

Outside of these four intriguing and smirk-worthy posters, the Jackass boys teamed with Weezer for the song Memories. It shows scenes from the movie that comes out October 15. Not to mention, the boys are having a good time participating in the vocal part of the video. Check it out!

jackass 3d