Announcing Our March Madness Winner; April Contest Prize Revealed!

First let me say thank you to all who participated in this pat month’s contest.  We had thousands of entires pouring in every week and you guys showed a lot of dedication to our brand new site and the goals we’re looking to achieve.  Sadly, only one of our readers can win, and this time around it’s Jake Williams, who chose Irrational Games’ new Bioshock Infinite (for the PS3). 

Again, we appreciate all those who participated in last month’s contest, and I want to encourage you to stick with us, as we’ll be bringing brand new contests every month (with even more mini contests in throughout the month) for our readers and members. 

Speaking of which, we’ve got a doozy of a prize coming at you for our April contest in the form of the Marvel Cinematic Phase 1 Collection!  Yep, it’s a massive blu-ray collection featuring all of the Marvel Avengers’ lead-up movies with tons of extras.  Details on how to win this excellent prize will be posted later on this week, so be sure to stay tuned and of course, help spread the word!