April Contest: Win Marvel Cinematic Universe Phase 1 Collector’s Edition Blu-Ray Set! (Updated: Winner Announced)

[Update:  It was brought to our attention by several people, that apparently during the first half of this contest, the website was featuring some registration errors, that wasn’t allowing people to sign up and thus participate in the contest.  Those bugs have now been fixed and since it was on our end, we’ve decided to extend the contest through May 15th, to accomodate those who had problems.  Thanks!]

That’s right guys, one of our lucky members will be getting this really neat blu-ray collection (released last week) retailing for about $150.  This ultimate collector’s edition features 10 blu-ray discs total packaged along with a replica of the Tesseract, dossiers on each of the Avengers, and plenty of other little collectibles fans are sure to swoon over. 

Phase 1

So how do you win this big collection?  We’ve decided to change things up for this contest in order to use one of our newest and exciting features here on the site.  We’ve expanded our Frames section of the site, allowing members the opportunity provide your own thoughts and views on the world of film and video games, as well as submit news tips that we may not have noticed.  Think of them as your own blogs in front of the eyes of thousands of like-minded movie buffs and gamers.  

In order to participate in our big April contest, you’ll first need to register as a member on the site (don’t worry, it’s completely free) and then simply use our Frames!  That’s it, that’s all there is to it.  For each Frame submitted (which can be done from the Submit Frame tab on the top menu), you will receive one entry into the contest.  So the more Frames you post, the more chances of winning you have.  Essentially, just by using our site and talking about the things you love most, we’re giving you the chance to win this amazing prize.  

What’s that? You want MORE chances to win?  Your blogs can be rated (on a scale of 1-5 stars), meaning everyone on the site can judge how awesome your posts are.  By the end of the contest, the 10 most popular Authors, as rated by the community, will receive extra entries into the contest.  So be sure to tell your friends all about your posts!

phase 1 also

Here are a few other rules to keep in mind: 1) While Frames are utilized like personal blogs, one word posts or things that are clearly spamming the system will be deleted and excluded from the contest.  2) Unfortunately at this time, the contest is limited to North America.  3) Multiple Accounts and postings will also be treated as cheating as well, and will disqualify the member.  4) Details on Frames and their uses can be found here

The contest begins now and will run through the May 15th.  After which we will tally all the entries and draw one lucky winner at random from the proverbial hat.  So what are you waiting for?  Get to writing and let’s talk about movies and games!