Graphic Review: Batman and Son New Edition

Batman discovers his romantic liaison with the daughter of the Demon, Ra’s al Ghul, has given the super hero an heir to his cowl. The boy’s name is Damian and he has been trained from birth by the League of Assassins and his ruthless and vengeful mother, Talia. While the Dark Knight is coming to grips with this new information, he finds himself confronting three lethal individuals who fashion themselves after the Caped Crusader, an enigmatic murderer called the Black Glove, and the man who killed his parents. Will Batman cross the moral line he’s drawn for himself to get the closure he so desperately craves?

It’s a no-brainer that DC would pull Batman and Son out of the vault with the upcoming release of the animated movie it’s based on. There’s good reason, too. Grant Morrison really shines in his first issues that marked the beginning of a long and fruitful run writing for the Dark Knight. He not only brings back the detective elements to the character, but gives him an emotional level that is missing sometimes in newer incarnations of the super hero. All the stories included are fine examples of the complexity, drama, and adventure we can only find in Batman’s universe.

Andy Kubert heads up a talented roster of virtuosos who bring the tales found within Batman and Son New Edition. Each one brings their unique styles to the different chapters they illustrate. Artists include Tony S. Daniel, J.H. Williams III, and many more.

There’s really nothing new to be found in the pages of Batman and Son New Edition. No additional artwork or original covers are showcased. The cover of the actual graphic novel is different from the last printing. A new introduction is nowhere to be found. It’s just simply a new printing of the original book with a new cover for a new generation of readers.

If Batman and Son New Edition were given a rating, it would be PG-13 or T for Teen. There’s some violence and language in the book. A panel of what most people would consider partial nudity is included as well. It shows Batman and Talia in a clothe-less embrace.

Batman and Son New Edition is an entertaining read even if only a portion of it really addresses the title. The other stories in the book remind readers of the reason the Caped Crusader is known as the Dark Knight Detective. He works his way through different mysteries and crimes just the way Bob Kane originally meant for him to do.

Batman and Son New Edition is available now in paperback and Kindle editions.