Graphic Review: Earth 2 Volume 3: Battle Cry

Earth 2 Volume 3: Battle Cry collects issues 13 through 19 of the monthly series, Annual #1, and issue #15.1 Desaad. The new wonders of the alternate universe clash with Steppenwolf and the Hunger Dogs of Apokolips over the fate of the Earth. A familiar figure enters the battlefield in the form of Batman. Can he help tip the scales in the favor of the super heroes or will he become just another victim of Steppenwolf’s powerful army?

James Robinson, Paul Levitz, and Tom Taylor all take turns handling the writing duties for Earth 2 Volume 3: Battle Cry. Each one does a great job intersecting their individual sections. The overall story is an entertaining battle epic with a surprise ending that will have readers scrambling for the issue that continues the saga.

The art for Earth 2 Volume 3: Battle Cry is handled by Yildiray Cinar, Trevor Scott, and Nicola Scott. They bring their individual styles to the table as they visually interpret the words of the writers through pictures. Yildiray Cinar’s work in the final chapter stands out the most obvious from the rest of the talent.

With its usual amount of comic book violence, gore, and language, Earth 2 Volume 3: Battle Cry will satisfy fans looking for an escape from the normal DC Universe continuity. A cliffhanger ending, which should come as no surprise to those expecting the unexpected in a book set in an alternate world, will have the reader floored and ready to hit the local comic book shop looking for back issues of the monthly title that pick up where this leaves off.

Earth 2 Volume 3: Battle Cry is available now in hardcover and Kindle editions.