Graphic Review: Smallville Season Eleven Volume One: Guardian

Smallville Season Eleven Volume One: Guardian picks up six months after the Man of Steel’s battle with Apokolips. Clark Kent is coming to grips with his public persona as Superman while trying to have a private life with Lois Lane. Meanwhile, Lex Luthor isn’t adjusting so well to the idea of a super powered alien flying freely through Metropolis on a whim.

Luthor launches his “Guardian Defense Platforms” into space, promising humanity they will protect the Earth from future alien invasions. His plans include a special component which will allow him to track Superman’s every move. This proves to be a problem when he takes off the costume and tries to have a personal life as Clark Kent.

Bryan Q. Miller pens a story that very much matches the tone of the Smallville TV series. The main villain would’ve been a bit much to bring to life on a television budget, but that’s one of the benefits of moving to a comic book format. Miller does a great job balancing what fans came to expect from the show with an increase in fantasy and sci-fi elements.

Artist Pere Perez adequately handles the penciling duties for Smallville Season Eleven Volume One: Guardian. He finds an interesting way to make the characters look similar to their actor counterparts while giving them a look of their own. His style is precise and brings writer Miller’s words to vivid life.

Eleven pages of bonus material are included in this collection. The four digital first covers by Cat Staggs are among them. Gary Frank’s variant cover for issue #1 is featured as well. Concept designs for costumes, covers, and characters are provided. The artists include Ryan Benjamin, Cat Staggs, and Pere Perez.

Smallville Season Eleven Volume One: Guardian collects digital chapters 1 through 12 of the series. If writer Bryan Q. Miller can keep up the momentum he’s created here, Smallville could easily go on for years to come in comic book form. It’ll be interesting to see what other super heroes and characters Miller will bring into this universe in the future.

Smallville Season Eleven Volume One: Guardian is available now in a paperback edition.