Graphic Review: Smallville: Season Eleven Volume Two: Detective

Smallville: Season Eleven Volume Two: Detective continues to take the TV series into the young adult working world of Clark Kent and Superman. The Man of Steel comes up against another caped avenger and his female sidekick when Batman and Nightwing travel to Metropolis to seek out the murderer of Bruce Wayne’s parents. Can the two heroes join forces to simultaneously find the killer and clean up a crime wave between the city streets of Metropolis and Gotham City?

Bryan Q. Miller continues to bring the flavor and flare of Smallville to the printed pages. You really do feel like you’re reading an extension of the show when delving into its pages. The on-again/off-again partnership between the Man of Steel and the Dark Knight has been one of legend for many years. With the recent announcement of the Superman/Batman movie and the re-launch of the team’s monthly title, the two meeting in the world of Smallville feels even more relevant than ever before.

Artists Chris Cross, Jamal Igle, and Marc Deering do a perfect job taking the characters we came to know and love on the television show into being on paper. Unfortunately, it seems their hands are tied in some areas. The likenesses of some don’t match that of the actor who brought them to life on-screen. I will give props to whoever came up with the costumes for Batman and Nightwing. They did a great job melding together the aspects of several different mediums and eras of both the Caped Crusader and his partners to come up with an exciting and unique look for Smallville: Season Eleven Volume Two: Detective.

Smallville: Season Eleven Volume Two: Detective is fairly clean entertainment. If you watched the show with your kids, then you shouldn’t have a problem with them reading the comic books. There are some adult situations, language, and violence involved, but nothing too extreme.

Nine pages of bonus material is included with Smallville: Season Eleven Volume Two: Detective. There are four pages of final and alternate digital covers illustrated by Cat Staggs. Chris Cross provides Batman, Nightwing, Mr. Freeze, the Prankster, and Batmobile concept art. Staggs also lends her talents for Batman and Superman designs.

I think everyone was a bit disappointed when Smallville showrunners never brought Batman into the show when it was on the air. We got to see versions of the Flash, Cyborg, Aquaman, Green Arrow, and several others, but never the Big Bad Bat. Smallville: Season Eleven Volume Two: Detective seeks to rectify that, albeit in comic book form versus live-action. While it won’t completely satisfy that hunger to have seen this on TV, it does its very best to make up for the oversight and satisfy fans of the two greatest super heroes in the DC Universe.

Smallville: Season Eleven Volume Two: Detective is available now in paperback and Digital editions.