Graphic Review: Sweet Tooth Volume 6: Wild Game

Sweet Tooth Volume 6: Wild Game collects issues #33 through 40 of the acclaimed title. The origins of Gus and the hybrid children are discovered by Dr. Singh after he arrives in Alaska. In doing so, he believes he’s learned what caused the plague that nearly obliterated the human race. Gus and Jepperd head to Alaska with the militia hot on their trail. When they reach their destination and find Dr. Singh, they confront the truth he’s exposed and begin preparations for an apocalyptic battle. The militia is determined to exterminate every hybrid man, woman, and child in their search for a cure to the plague and must be stopped at any cost.

Jeff Lemire has crafted an emotionally charged and satisfying end to his Sweet Tooth saga. I can’t begin to tell you how brilliantly he’s wrapped the whole story up. Don’t get me wrong. Certain aspects are still theoretical and doors are left open for the series to go on if there’s a demand for it. However, this could be the last time we see Sweet Tooth and it still leaves the reader with a nice sense of closure.

It’s hard to believe Lemire singlehandedly writes and illustrates Sweet Tooth Volume 6: Wild Game. The story is so complex that I would think by the time he was done mapping it all out, he’d have nothing left to give creatively to the art. Lemire must work nonstop because his artwork is unique and he perfectly captures his words visually in every passionate panel.

All sorts of ground is explored in Sweet Tooth Volume 6: Wild Game. There’s a lot of philosophical questions asked and no easy answers are given. Dr. Singh feels Gus was sent by God to punish or destroy the human race. This leaves the boy questioning if he was born to be a tool of destruction. Jepperd does his best to set him straight by telling Gus he can’t blame himself for why he was created. All he can do now is make the best of a bad situation.

Vertigo is known as the home of mature subject matter that doesn’t really fit the mold of DC Comics. Sweet Tooth Volume 6: Wild Game is no exception. There’s quite a bit of bad language, but that’s about it. Things get violent and bloody quite frequently as well.

Sweet Tooth Volume 6: Wild Game is the perfect example of a series that ends on a high note. Just imagine a combination of The Road and The Island of Dr. Moreau and you have a good idea what to expect here. For those who can’t stand unsatisfying endings, I can safely recommend reading the entire Sweet Tooth series and guarantee you won’t feel like you’ve wasted your time in the end.

Sweet Tooth Volume 6: Wild Game is available in paperback and Kindle editions.