Graphic Review – Teen Titans: Earth One Volume One

Five seemingly normal teenagers from different walks of life find themselves being drawn together by an unexplainable and powerful force. Each one is struck by disturbing visions and given an extraordinary “gift” which they consider a curse. The group of misfits soon finds themselves the target of a deadly scientific group looking to bring them all in for experimentation and research.

Writer Jeff Lemire takes a decades-old concept and breathes new life into it with Teen Titans: Earth One Volume One. I’m not entirely sure why the group needed a reboot since they just received one within the New 52 canon a few months ago. Either way, Lemire does a stupendous job fleshing out each of the characters and giving them their own dysfunctional backgrounds to pull young adults of all types in.

Husband and wife team Terry and Rachel Dodson accent each other’s artistic talents perfectly within the pages of Teen Titans: Earth One Volume One. Terry does the penciling while Rachel inks his illustrations with the help of Cam Smith. Their work makes for a somewhat unique style which gives Lemire’s words the visual energy they deserve.

Teen Titans: Earth One Volume One would merit a PG-13 rating in the world of cinema. There’s the usual comic book violence and peril we all expect. Some sensuality is found as well, with two of the main characters making out and hanging all over each other throughout the book.

DC Comics has another hit on their hands with Teen Titans: Earth One Volume One. It has all the ingredients to keep young adults and even older readers coming back for more. A healthy dose of action, drama, and heavy anticipation for characters not seen yet will keep audiences hooked.

Teen Titans: Earth One Volume One is available now in hardcover and Kindle editions.

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