Horror Films to Watch on President’s Day

Let’s start with the most obvious. 2010’s indie slasher film President’s Day couldn’t be more perfect to mark the occasion. It revolves around the student council elections at Lincoln High. They turn into a matter of life and death when someone dressed as Abraham Lincoln starts hacking up the candidates. Made on a shoestring budget of $5,000, it doesn’t get any more grassroots gory than this.

Our next choice is the history / horror mashup Abraham Lincoln: Vampire Hunter. While still a boy, Abraham Lincoln loses his mother to a vampire’s bite. He vows revenge, but fails in the attempt, narrowly escaping with his life. He is rescued by Henry, a charismatic vampire hunter who instructs Abe in the fine art of dispatching bloodsuckers. Abe continues his fight against the undead well into adulthood and his presidency, making a last stand against the ultimate vampire foe on the eve of the Civil War’s defining battle. As ridiculous as it sounds to many, this combination of action, horror, history, and gore really hits the mark and will leave you respecting Honest Abe even more than you already do.

In fine form, mockbuster powerhouse the Asylum gave our 16th President another battle with the undead in Abraham Lincoln vs. Zombies at the very same time he was going up against vampires in the theater. In the movie, the Civil War rages on while President Lincoln undertakes an even tougher task. He must put together a small army to destroy the Confederate walking dead. His league of extraordinary gentlemen include a who’s who of American history the likes of a young Theodore Roosevelt, Pat Garrett, and the traitorous John Wilkes Booth.

Click on any of the titles above to get access to buy or watch the movies instantly. Any of them are a fun way to wind down after a long day grilling out and spending time with the family. If you’re thinking you need something a little more child-friendly, you can always go with sci-fi action blockbuster Independence Day