Interactive Timelines Help You Keep Up With Your Favorite Geeky Franchises

There’s a site out there looking to help organize your nerdy reading/media consumption: All Timelines.  Sometimes the hardest part of keeping up with your favorite geeky pleasures, is remembering what happened and which order to consume things in.  If you’re fairly new to a certain thing, you may have jumped in at a specific place and want to know what came before, or what happens next.  

Take Warcraft for example.  Between all the games, books, comics, and new movie coming out, there’s a lot of lore to catch up on.  The interactive site, All Timelines, has you covered with an intricately compiled chronological list of all things Warcraft related.  You can adjust the search settings to show only specific medai (like if you ONLY wanted to look at the books), and you can see when something released, as well as the “in universe” order it falls into. 

It’s the same for ALL the timelines featured on the site, which includes Star Wars, Dune, Lord of the Rings, Assassin’s Creed, and a BUNCH more.  Best of all, they’re continually updated with new materials that release, meaning you can always stay up to date, and even get links to purchase the things you’re looking at!  

When I say these things are detailed, I mean detailed.  On the Star Wars timeline (which features both a canon and non-canon list), it even goes into which order The Clone Wars cartoon can be watch chronologically to line-up within the Star Wars universe.

There’s a lot of detail and time placed into these, so I thought it was worth highlighting.  Seems like a very handy resource for geeks and fans around the world looking to explore more of their favorite thing.  Check out All Timelines and see for yourself!