Nerd Approved: Justice League Issue #12 Comic Book Review


Issue #12 wraps up the latest arc with part four of “The Villain’s Journey.” The battle between the Justice League and author David Graves comes to a head. The psychotic writer continues trying to kill off the super heroes and “reunite” the living with their dead relatives. In the aftermath of the conflict, the League loses a member and two others go missing. 

Writer Geoff Johns continues to show he’s the best man for the job of keeping the Justice League’s adventures in their rebooted form fresh and interesting. He captured my attention immediately with the supernatural storyline. Is Graves a spirit or some other type of universal energy? It doesn’t really matter because either way the new character of David Graves is disturbing, enthralling, and evokes sympathy from the reader all at the same time. 

jl12-3Artist Jim Lee successfully captures the heroic actions and movements of every super hero and villain in this issue. His hyper-realistic illustrations breathe life into Johns’ narrative. Every panel reflects his love for the characters he pencils. He’s earned himself another gold star in the art world for seizing an iconic image which will forever be preserved in the comic book hall of fame. 

If you’re not following the Justice League monthly series, you need to be. It has every major player in the DC Universe in one book. What’s not to like about that? Issue #12 might not be the greatest jumping-on point, but it will definitely convince anyone who picks it up to continue doing so.