Less Than 50% to Go For Cinema of Attractions Kickstarter!

Cinema of Attractions is back and better than ever on Kickstarter!  Last week we hit the half-way point, and currently moving on past it.  With new reward/backer tiers and goodies (exclusive expansions for COA and Cinelinx, limited editions, and more) for gamers and movie lovers to enjoy, we’ve seen a much bettter response this time.  Alas, it’s not time to rest just yet, as we still have a ways to go before meeting our full funding goal!  

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We still need YOUR help to make this awesome party game a reality.  If you haven’t already go ahead and support us by backing the project on Kickstarter.  Even a simple $1 donation goes a long way towards helping us reach out to others.  On top of backing, please make sure to share it around with all your friends on Twitter and Facebook (or Pinterest, or wherever you social network!).  Word of mouth is how we garnered so much success with the original Cinelinx game, and we’ve seen a few major movie sites throw us their support already.  

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Thanks so much for continuing to support us, we look forward to bringing you another exciting and fun movie card game!