Marvel Cosplay Items From Hasbro


So check these out! I mean these actually look really good. Now I know that photoshop and lighting can help some products look better in picture but these are 1:1 scale items so you want your shield dimensions to match what’s on screen, here you go. 

Helmet resize

Now the helmet isn’t motorized but it does light up, and the shield isn’t metal but will have a metallic paint job to help replicate the on screen look. But hey look, adjustable straps. The price on these is going to be $100.00 each and not having them in hand yet I can’t make a determination on whether it’s worth buying. These don’t have a release date yet and it’s rumored they won’t be ready for Comic Con but I’m willing to bet they will be out by Halloween display shelves or as I like to call it, August. We’ll keep you posted when these items are available.


-Jason The X


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