More films and more theaters for China

This past year there has been a growing demand from the people of China for more films to be made and theaters to match that need.

Zhao Shi, deputy director of China’s State Administration of Radio, Film and Television speaks, “So far this year, we have already matched the number of total theater built last year, but we still have yet to meet the increasing demand.”

Aftershock, a Chinese disaster drama, sold $79 million in ticket sales just this month as it set the all time box office for the country. As they continue to grow with demands, China is still protective over its film industry. Currently, they limit the country to 20 import films a year. Avatar was one to seep its way into China’s theaters as it claimed $204 million this year.


Zhao claims they have not yet established any rating systems for their Chinese movies. Extensive research and studies revealed that there are no effective measures they can take to prevent children or young adults from watching movies that have age restrictions.

It is quite interesting to see that China is not setting any movie restrictions. Will it change over time once they continue to expand across the immense continent? It’s wonderful to watch the film industry blossoming for them. With the growth of theaters, it would be a smart move for them to start easing up on the import number. When you have highly popular box-office hits, they will find ways to see it (granted some countries gain access to films before us). There are enough movies produced globally to increase revenue for them. For what they are accomplishing at this point in time, it is a good way to start. Time to watch them rise with the best.