Nerd Approved: Justice League International Annual #1 Comic Book Review


Something is controlling OMAC and the rest of the JLI is under attack. What will Booster and the team do when they discover the true nature of their insubordinate member? Will Batman and the rest of the original Justice League need to step in to assist in thwarting the diabolical plans of Brother Eye? 

The main draw to Justice League International for me is Booster Gold. The guy is loads of fun. He was basically a self-centered time traveling glory seeker who comes to the past to fight crime after being exposed as a fraud. He tries so hard to prove his worth to the major players in the DC Universe. You just have to sympathize with him. 

jli-5Here’s more living proof that the head honchos at DC truly love comics. Chief Creative Officer Geoff Johns and Chief Executive Officer Dan Didio co-write the annual. The story is tied to events in the past issues so it might be a little hard to follow for someone just picking this up and trying to jump in lacking knowledge of the continuing storyline. It’s still an enjoyable read and a thrilling ride. 

Highlights of the issue for me were guest appearances by Batwing and Batman. Both show up briefly, with Batwing helping out with the work load and the Dark Knight showing moral support as a mentor. I’m a Batman fan, so anytime the characters from that Universe emerge it’s exciting. 

jli-4Artist Jason Fabok illustrates Johns and Didio’s narrative effectively. His work is striking and gritty. He likes to use lines and dots to add an imperfect touch to the panels. Let’s just say there are no perfectly smooth characters in Fabok’s grimy world. 

Justice League International Annual #1 is a great close to the first year of the team’s New 52 adventures. It’s also a spectacular open-ended start for the next 12 issues. Readers are left with some serious unresolved matters needing to be dealt with. Besides the big guns on the A-Team, Justice League International is the best equipped to face these challenges head on.