Nerd Approved: Star Wars Comics Going Back to Marvel

The move isn’t really all that surprising.  Disney owns Marvel, and now they own Star Wars as well.  It makes sense that they’d want to keep everything ‘in house’ when it comes to the Star Wars comics.  The report on this news is coming from Blue Sky Disney who says that none of the current contracts with Dark Horse are going to be renewed. 

The current titles and storylines will be the last from Dark Horse and after which, Marvel will be taking over.  Obviously this isn’t an immediate thing.  It’ll still be a couple years for the contracts to run up, so hopefully Marvel/Disney will take that time to come up with a solid plan for continuing the comics.  Personally, I love what Dark Horse has done with the Star Wars comics and hate to see them lose it.  I’m just crossing my fingers that Marvel can pick up that strong legacy and keep it going.