New Home Theater Seats Want to Add to Your Movie Watching Experience

RedSeat Entertainment sent me an email today about the launch of Tremor FX Home, and new entertainment chair designed to enhance your viewing of movies, games, and whatever else by…

The system includes high-end custom seats that enhance the home cinema experience by pulsating in response to a film¹s individual soundtrack through a series of actuators built within the seat.

Yeah, it’s a vibrating chair, but it sounds pretty damn awesome.  It’s designed to be incorporated into your current home theater setup via an HDMI out port.  It’s one of those luxury things I’m sure that I can live without (because I have been), but at the same time, I’m suddenly finding a desperate need for!  Check out some more information below, via the press release they sent:

Tremor FX

RedSeat Entertainment today announced the launch of Tremor FX Home, a dynamic home theater system that incorporates seat vibrations into movies, games and other entertainment. Adapted from the company¹s technology used in movie theaters worldwide, the Tremor FX Home system enhances the home theater experience through a small wireless device working in tandem with custom chairs containing the integrated technology.

Easy to implement with any home theater seat manufacturer, Tremor FX¹s theater seat technology dynamically vibrates and pulsates in response to an individual soundtrack through a series of actuators built within each seat. Using a patent-pending audio processing engine and wireless transmitter, these vibrations are synchronized with the action on-screen without the need for additional technical programing, adding an extra layer of engagement with each movie, game or TV show. Tremor FX Home will be on display for the first time at the CEDIA EXPO, which takes place in Denver from September 26-28.

With Tremor FX Home, viewers can have the same fully-immersive cinematic experience as in movie theaters, but enjoy it from the comfort of their own family rooms or home cinemas, said Joseph Sorenson, CEO of RedSeat Entertainment. While the technology is advanced, we¹ve specifically designed it for simple installation and adoption into existing home theater systems, enabling users to access an exciting new threshold of engagement in movies, TV, and gaming.

Tremor FX 1

In order to optimize Tremor FX technology for home theater use, engineers reconstructed the Tremor FX algorithm to ensure optimal audio responses in home theater stereo systems and allow for seamless home integration. The system easily integrates with any home theater configuration, requiring only an HDMI connection and space for a device smaller than a traditional cable box, which wirelessly communicates with the actuators in each seat.

Tremor FX Home also has the potential to completely transform the in-home gaming experience, as it will make gamers feel they are completely involved in the action on-screen, Sorenson added. This technology will take movie watching and gaming in the home to a completely new level.