Official Predators sequel…isn’t what you expected

I fall into the category of fans who really loved Predators.  Even so, I was a tad disappointed by the ending.  In a movie that felt perfect for it’s pacing, the finale seemed oddly rushed.  For those who really wanted to see what happened after to the final survivors, your salvation has come. 

Dark Horse Comics has released a new Predators comic book that touts itself as an official sequel to the film.  It’s a one-shot comic, that comes in at a decent sized 40 pages.  I wouldn’t say it’s so much a sequel as it is an addendum.  I won’t ruin it for you, but if you enjoyed the film, this is definitely worth a read through.  However, I’m still hoping to get an actual sequel (in film form) as I feel the Predator universe is still brimming with great stories. 

Predators Comic page 1

Predators comic page 2

Written by David Lapham, this bad boy is already on the shelves, so be sure to pick it up next time you’re at the comic book shop (don’t act like you never go there).