Old newspaper clipping proves Vader spoiled the ending to ‘Empire’ 2 years before it released!

It’s amazing the world we live in today.  With the internet, it’s a simple matter of searching Google in order to find out every spoiler (hell sometimes the whole damn script) of a movie.  Directors have to be very careful these days in order to keep their movies secret, but even back in the 70s and 80s it was a top priority for these blockbusters.


That’s why I find this newspaper clipping so interesting.  It seems that back in 1978 (a full two years before Empire Strikes Back was released), David Prowse, the man who portrayed Darth Vader in his suit, told a local newspaper about the shocking secret.  Now this is well before the movie began filming, and took place during a special event where he met with fans.  During the event he thrilled his fans by saying that “Star Wars II” would be filming very soon.


Star Wars newspaper spoiler


Thanks to the Retroist for sharing this!


In the following interview he then said that Vader and Luke were really Father and Son.  So how an Earth did he know?  My best guess…he really didn’t.  At the time, no one actually new, and the script itself didn’t have the true line in there (that was in Lucas’ head).  Prowse is kind of notorious for his wild statements, and more than likely he made it up on the spot in order to garner more media attention.


Being that this was a local newspaper and the Internet didn’t yet exist, the news stayed fairly low key and thus the ending wasn’t spoiled except for the group of people who read that paper. Either way, it’s an interesting tidbit of information for Star Wars fans…and proof that even back then Star Wars had spoilers!