R2-D2’s Cameo in Star Trek Into Darkness Revealed

I totally missed this cameo.  It’s not all that surprising, and I don’t feel particularly bad, because it seems like everyone else missed it as well.  Nonetheless, being such a huge Star Wars fan, I feel like I should have noticed it before now.  Oh well, thanks to the magic of home entertainment, and the high definition of blu-ray, R2-D2 has been spotted in Star Trek Into Darkness.


It’s around the One Hour and 17 minute mark (if you want to find it for yourself), when the USS Vengeance is attacking the Enterprise.  Once again, R2 is found floating around with the rest of the debris, which seems to be his lot in life when it comes to the Star Trek films.  Don’t worry, Abrams has plenty of time to put the spotlight on him in the upcoming Star Wars sequel.

So were you guys able to spot him before?